HIPPOPHALT ® – is a green asphalt without solvents.
HIPPOPHALT ® is adequate for both manual/semi-manual road paving and road repair. Since the product is a cold-mix, it allows you to increase your activity radius without compromising on quality.
HIPPOPHALT ® can be applied in rainy season and stored in open air for two years without losing properties.


  • Best cost-benefits ratio in comparison to traditional asphalt
  • Manual road paving possible
  • Long lasting roads  = cost saving
  • Road paving and road repair during any weather condition and season = cost saving and flexibillity
  • Minimal compacting required and no need for heavy equipment = cost saving
  • Versatile. HIPPOPHALT ® –  can be used in a very large range of temperatures (-10° à +70°C) = Flexibility
  • Open air storage (in every weather conditions) = flexibility

HIPPO«»PHALT ® is delivered as a cold asphalt on the site

Used during raining season

Picture shows HIPPO«»PHALT ® being used in raining season

HIPPO«»PHALT ® structure directly after paving work

Right: HIPPO«»PHALT ®  structure after 60 days

HIPPO«»PHALT ®  can be applied in a very large temperature range (in this case at 66°C)

HIPPO«»PHALT ® can be stored in the open air during both dry (see above) and rainy season

HIPPO«»PHALT ® can be stored in the open air during both dry and rainy season

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